We have several news items to relay to our 3Gun followers:

The CCPRC 3Gun committee assigned the task of planning for 3Gun events for 2017 here at the club would like to invite all our interested 3Gun shooters to a meeting to be held on Wednesday February 8th at 6:00 PM in our 4H building.

This Sunday we will have a special match  with registration at 9:30 and hammer down at 10:00 am.  This was decided after several shooters noted it was Super Bowl Sunday and many  had other plans.  Details are;

The match “Plate Rack Challenge” (duel) will be a race of shooter versus shooter using center fire pistol, rim fire pistol and all pistol caliber/rim fire carbines for the three brackets.  It will be double elimination with winners moving on to shoot against winners and losers shooting against losers until there are only two final shooters then it will be a best three out of five duels.  The Stage will consist of 2 plate racks and 2 pepper poppers (seven targets each).  If there is time available grudge matches/challenges may be held after the main match is finished.  Cost of match is $5.00.

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