On February 8th we had a meeting with our 3Gun committee and the 3Gun shooters that were able to attend.  We had a beneficial discussion on various ways to handle matches going forward as well as lessons learned from past matches and what several other clubs around the state and country do to manage their matches.  After debating the pros and cons of various methods the following was decided by the majority present:


  • 3gun matches will move to the 5th Sunday (once a quarter) until there is a larger demand for the event and more shooters are willing to help with set-up.
  • We will use volunteer match directors and helpers (min. 2) which must be on the schedule 3 weeks prior to the match. If we are unable to find a match director and helpers, the match will not take place. When available, CCPRC will provide additional help from our staff.
  • The volunteer MD and set-up crew will split 50% of the match fees collected among themselves as well as shoot the match free of charge.
  • Final touches to the set-up will start at 8:00 AM on match day unless the MD states otherwise. Start time for the matches will be when all set up is finished. Shooters are encouraged to help. The sooner it’s ready, the sooner we can start shooting.


Match dates for 2017 are April 30, July 30 and October 29.

Benny Hill has volunteered to be the match director for the April 30 match so we need set-up helpers.

Anybody interested in being a match director or a helper please contact CCPRC Manager Craig Cook <managerccprc@gtek.biz>

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