Here is the info for the specific classifiers for the 7/30 match.  Classifiers are 02-13 times 12, 08-13 times 223, 04-13 flying by 1,08-13 crash or burn. The original stage has 20 steel pistol targets and 12 paper rifle targets.

couple reminders:

  • 2 gun shooters that are using a pistol and carbine may not use their pistols to shoot clay targets, clay targets may only be shot with a shotgun.
  • PCC shooters will need to bag or place their PCC firearms in a cart/gunrack when finished shooting and when traveling between stages.
  • no pistol holsters are allowed that would cause the user to break the 180 degree rule when drawing or re-holstering (cross-draw, shoulder, FBI cant etc.).


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