We wish everyone a Happy & Safe New Year!  A reminder that our match for Sunday 1/3 starts at 10:00 Am and registration is at 9:30am.  If you preregister it really helps.  Check back here and our facebook pages for updates.

Remember that Match Director James Gill has obtained another BPM (Barnes Precision Machine) complete upper to be given away as a door prize.  We are going to give it away at the January 3 match.  Everyone that shot the 11/1 match, shoots the 12/6 and the 1/3 match will have their name in the bucket, once for each match shot.  This means that if you shoot each match you get your name in the bucket 3 times, shoot one match then your name goes in one time.

Also the Guided shooting session for shooters wishing to have a coaching session with James starting on Saturday January 2nd using some of the stages that will be used the next day in the match.  Those that Sign up for the guided coaching session also have the option to shoot with James’ squad on Sunday and continue the coaching during the match (limited to the first 10 shooters that sign up for the guided coaching session or next on the list if one of the first ten will shoot on another squad). The coaching session will have a separate sign up option on Practiscore and the session will cost $80 for the approximate 3 hour session which will start at about 3:00 pm (1/2), earlier if the match is finished being setup.  After you sign up on Practicscore for the guided coaching session sign up for the match, however do not squad for the match if you want to shoot with James as his squad is reserved, we will manually place the 1st ten guided coaching session shooters on his squad.  If doing the coaching session and you want to shoot on a different squad than James go ahead with choosing the other squad when you register.

Practiscore link for the Guided Coaching session 1/2: https://practiscore.com/corpus-christi-ccprc-january-2nd-james-gill-3-gun-coaching-session/register

Link for the match on 1/3: https://practiscore.com/corpus-christi-ccprc-december-6th-3-gun-monthly-match/register (this is correct link even though it says December it is for Jan. match)

Looks like 6 true 3 gun stages, includes a classifier (to be named).  High round count, if you bring 125 rifle, 125 pistol and 75 shotgun you be covered even with misses.  Remember James designs many stages were the shooter has a choice of which firearm to use, so round count can vary by these choices.

Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club January monthly 3-Gun match.

Match Fee:
Club Members: $15
NON Members: $20
JUNIORS 18 & under: $15 (or $5 with paid adult).

3-Gun score upload $3.00

DISCOUNT: Free match fee for anyone who helps set up Saturday afternoon. Set up starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday 1/2

For questions and weather updates:
Please check websites for updates.




361-852-1212 or email ccprc@gtek.biz

3-Gun match, with the following divisions:

Unlimited, Practical, Factory, Heavy Sport, Heavy Optics, 2 GUN, 2 gun w/rimfire, 3 gun w/rimfire

Round count is approximate:
125 pistol
125 rifle
75 shotgun

Also check back here for a weather update.

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