Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club will be running its first 3-Gun match on Sunday, March 9th. Shooters meeting at 9:30am, hammer down at 10:00am.  Don’t forget the daylight savings time changes March 9th.  We will be running 5 original courses of fire, plus one 3Gun Nation Club Series Classifier (optional for those that wish to participate in 3Gun Nation).  All courses of fire will be set up for traditional 3Gun (Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun).  For those of you who are not shotgunners, you can shoot 2 guns (pistol & rifle).  Also we are going to be running Rimfire Multi-Gun (pistol & rifle) on the same courses of fire.  There will be all new targets, props, and a few things Corpus has not seen before!  We should have something for everyone!  Hope you can come out and participate in this new CCPRC match event.  Tell your friends, and be prepared to be photographed as we are taking photos for our new website.

Don’t miss this one!

Rick Lilly

Match Director

Match Cost: CCPRC members, $15.00.  Non CCPRC members $20.00

3GN classifier add $3.00

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