3 Gunners

Match Information

Match Info – Corpus Christi’s  (CCPRC) CC3 Gun.  CC3-Gun is simply a part of The Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club and thus all our matches are held at our club.  (see club info tab for more).  CC3-Gun was set up in January of 2014 by CCPRC with direction from the Board of Directors  as a service to the 3-gun community and to our club members who enjoy 3-gun.

Any rules questions, disputes or protest during a match will be decided by the match director or CCPRC management.  Good sportsman like behavior is expected of each participant and their guest at all times.  Match director or CCPRC management have the authority to eject any shooter and/or their guest for safety and behavior issues.

Quarterly Match Schedule: (2015)

April 30 (Benny Hill as match director) no classifiers
July 30 (Craig Cook as match director, this will be a classifier heavy match with 4-5 classifiers and an original stage or 2)
October 29-Todd McFarland
Match Registration: 9:30 am
Hammer Down: 10:00 am
There are usually a minimum of 4 stages most of the time 5 or 6.  Please sign up on our email list to get the current information on upcoming matches.
NO steel core ammo and no shot size larger than 7 1/2, we will check. Set up is on Saturday afternoon,  call club 361-852-1212 to confirm time if you want to help, help with set up and/or tear down.

CCPRC members: $15.00
Non CCPRC members: $20.00
3GN Classifier upload + $3.00

3-Gun match, with the following divisions:

Open, Tactical Irons, Tactical Optics, Heavy Optic, Heavy Iron