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3Gun match Cancelled

Due to range conditions we are cancelling the match tomorrow.  There is water standing, and the bays are not accessible.  Let’s cross our fingers for November 9th, maybe one day we can play again!


October 12th 3Gun Match

We have some fun stages plus one classifier ready for October 12th!  The classifier will be Around the Horn.  Round count will be Rifle-60, Pistol-60, and Birdshot-45. As everyone knows we have had lots of rain, I need some help, everyone do an anti-rain dance this week.   Gates open at 9:00 am, hammer down at 9:30.  Remember if you don’t shoot shotgun, you can still shoot your pistol and rifle – 2 Gun style!  Also, remember NO steel core ammo, we will be checking.  Set up will be Saturday at 4:30 pm.  Any help would be welcome.   Please use our online sign-up, click here to register, it helps to speed things up the day of the match, and it is quick and easy.  For a sneak peek at the stages, see our Facebook page.


CCPRC members: $15.00

Non CCPRC members: $20.00

3GN Classifier upload + $3.00

Keep in mind registration is open for the 2015 Texas Gulf Coast Multi-Gun Championship, don’t miss out on the early bird sign up, save some $$$.  Spots are selling out quickly!  See the championship tab for a link to register.

Registration Now Open  Sign up early, first 100 shooters $200.00 Regular match fee $230.00

Two payment methods credit card or check. First come first served.   Click here to Register    Then check your email for payment instruction.


TEXAS GULF COAST MULTI GUN CHAMPIONSHIP aka BATTLE BY THE BAY.  Dates are set, April 10 – 12, 2015.  The match will be held at the Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club, Corpus Christi, Texas.

We will have 10 exciting and challenging stages with design input from 3 Gun Nation Pro Shooters.  The stages will be published online and in our match booklet.  The shooting schedule will be a split day shoot.  Friday pm., Saturday am or Saturday pm, Sunday am.  Shoot 5 stages per day.  We have some great sponsors already on board, with more to come.  Prize table will be in order of finish, division winners, then total match time.  The Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle club offers plenty of parking along with RV hookups.

A few fun things we have planned are vendors live fire demo’s and side matches.

Match Director will be Rick Lilly.

We are excited to bring the Battle of the Bay to the shores of Corpus Christi, and the South Texas Region.

Be sure to check our website for future announcements and updates.  http://cc3gun.com/texas-gulf-coast-multi-gun-championship-2015/

This is a family friendly match for shooters, by shooters. Bring your family  Corpus Christi has a lot to offer, Padre Island National Seashore, Schlitterbahn, Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington museum and much more. Corpus has many motels within 15 minutes of the range.

September 14th. 3 Gun Match Rained Out

Sorry to say we tried everything we could but the rain got us. Just got back from the range and it is a swamp. Put the next match date on your calendar Oct. 12. We will try and do some extra to make up for our rain out this month. See you then…

CCPRC Monthly 3 Gun September 14

Sunday, September 14, Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club will have our monthly 3-Gun Match. Gates open at 9:00 am, hammer down at 9:30.  This month we will have 5 stages with one 3 Gun Nation Classifier (Around the Horn). Round counts will be 45 Birdshot, 60 Rifle, and 50 pistol.  Like last month, the stages will be posted on Facebook.  The stages are going to be fast and fun, and include our “Jungle run”!  Remember if you don’t shoot shotgun, you can still shoot your pistol and rifle – 2 Gun style!  Also, remember NO steel core ammo, we will be checking.  Set up will be Saturday at 4:30 pm.  Any help would be welcome.  The weather forecast is not looking great, but you never know.  We will keep you posted here and on Facebook.

Try our online Practiscore signup.  It is very simple and helps us during registration.


CCPRC members: $15.00

Non CCPRC members: $20.00

3GN Classifier upload + $3.00

Hope to see you at the range, bring your friends!

CC3Gun Beats The Rain

Well we had 13  3 gun ninjas show up this morning and fend off the rain. We had a short weather hold but got started shooting by 10:00am.  We were done by 1:00pm. I want to thank everyone that came out to shoot & also helped tear down. I want to also welcome our new shooters Nick G., Cody M., Chance D., Jeff T., Dale H., Marian K., & Chris W,. Hope you all had a great time and will come and shoot with us again. The score are posted @ Practiscore see how you did!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scores will post on 3GN soon.  Mark your calendar for September 14 for our next monthly 3 gun match. 5 fast and fun stages with one 3GN Classifier.

Congrats to Dale Hunter after the classifiers today he got his 3GN Pro Ranking in the club series, and also to Cody Muske who got his Semi-Pro ranking!!

Well it’s a long weekend, lets shoot a 3 Gun Nation all classifier match. Saturday August 30 @ Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club.
We are going to run 5 classifiers this weekend. The stages will be Flying By-2,Times 223, Flying By-3, Times 12, & Crash Or Burn. So come on out and get your 3 GN ranking in one day. Registration is now open @ Practiscore. Round count 36 birdshot 7 1/2 or smaller, 36 rifle, and 12 pistol.
Club gates open at 9:00am. hammer down 9:30am. The stages are very quick so we should have you off the range in time to spent the rest of the long weekend with the family.
CCPRC Members 30.00 includes upload fee.
Non CCPRC Members 35.00 Includes upload fee.
Or if you just want to shoot and don’t care about the uploads.
CCPRC Members 15.00
Non CCPRC Member 20.00
Hope to see you at the range Saturday. And have a great Labor Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Another 3 Gun Match in the Books!

We had 24 shooters come out and play today.  Want to say thanks to our new shooters, Tino G., Paul W., Jason O., Timothy P., and Alan C., for coming out, hope you had a great time.  The weather was unbelievably hot, but we all managed to survive!  Thanks to everyone who helped set up and tear down, we can’t do it without you guys!  Scores are posted at Practiscore website, under match results, go check them out.  Stages were quick and fast today, we were done shooting by 1:30ish, thanks everyone for coming out and supporting CC 3 Gun.  Mark your calendar for September 14, our next match.  My wife and I decided to shoot with a squad today, therefore we were unable to take any pics or videos, but we will try and get some next month.

August 10 monthly 3 gun hammer down 9:30am.

Sunday, August 10, Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club presents the monthly 3-Gun Match. New 9:30 hammer down start time, ! You can pre-register for this months match at Practiscore.  This month we will have 5 stages with one 3 Gun Nation Classifier (Finale-3).  It’s like a 3GN shoot off stage, practice your off hand rifle shooting. The round count this month will be:  Rifle – 60, Pistol – 50, Shotgun – 40 (birdshot 7 1/2 or smaller).  The stages will be posted on Facebook if you want to check them out!  They will be fast, fun and challenging  again this month.  Come and try  the windmill target, 6 spinning clays. And plan on moving pistol targets. For the non shotgun people, you can shoot rifle and pistol, just add the shotgun count to your pistol count.  Set up will be August 9, 4:30 pm.  Any help would be appreciated.  Don’t forget to bring and drink lots of water.

Club gates and registration will open Sunday August 10 at 8:45 am. Try the online Practiscore signup.  It is quick and easy and will help speed things up.


CCPRC members: $15.00

Non CCPRC members: $20.00

3GN Classifier upload + $3.00

Hope to see you at the range, bring your friends!

Be sure and like us on Facebook, so you can see the latest updates and pics. And be sure to check out the youtube channel

Dang, it was HOT!

We had 24 shooters endure the blazing hot conditions at the Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club today.  Thank goodness we had no cases of spontaneous combustion, but I did see a few people start to melt.  Hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the stages.  I want to welcome our new shooters:  Lee M., Shane M., Alex W., Cindy G., Maurice G., Sharon G., Oscar S. and Anthony M.  Scores are now posted at Practiscore, see how you did.  We were able to finish around 2:30 today, put us on your calendar for next month, August 10th.  We will also have 5 stages with a 3GN classifier.  We will once again start at 9:30 am.  Hope you can make it, tell your friends!  Thanks to all of our setup volunteers and everyone that helped tear down.  Check our YouTube channel and our Facebook page as we will be uploading July match photos and videos.  Thanks for your support of CC3Gun!

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