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Scores for 11/1 match

link to the scores.




Pictures will go up later.  Thanks for coming!

Today’s 3-Gun match is on!

The sun is out! Today’s 3-Gun match is on! Registration is 9:30 and hammer down at 10:00 am!  See you soon!

Sunday 11/1 match is a GO!

The match for Sunday 11/1 has been set up and we are ready to go.  The rain basically went around the club and the bays are in great shape for moving and shooting.  James Gill has come with 4 original stages (one stage covers 2 bays) that will be fun to shoot and should go quick!  We will have a 5th stage as a classifier “Times 12 Steel” (all shotgun).

Round count is adjusted a little from earlier if you bring 100 shotgun (all birdshot), 100 pistol and 100 rifle you should be covered.  As usual James gives you choices on which firearm to use so each shooters round could differ.  Longest shot is about 100 yards, however several stages use the ¼ size rifle targets.

Remember to set you clocks back on Saturday night.

See cc3gun.com for more info and to sign up on Practiscore


We have door prizes for Sunday.

Match Director James Gill has obtained another BPM (Barnes Precision Machine) complete upper to be given away as a door prize.  We are going to give it away on the January 3 match.  Everyone that shoots the 11/1 match, the 12/6 and the 1/3 match will have their name in the bucket, once for each match shot.  This means that if you shoot each match you get your name in the bucket 3 times, shoot one match then your name goes in one time.

Also we will introduce a guided shooting session for shooters wishing to have a coaching session with James starting on Saturday December 5th using some of the stages that will be used the next day in the match.  Those that Sign up for the guided coaching session also have the option (limited to 10 shooters on his squad) to shoot with James’ squad on Sunday and continue the coaching during the match.  The coaching session will have a separate sign up option on Practiscore and the session will cost $80 for the approximate 2 1/2 hour session which will start at about 3:30 pm (12/5).

Check back here for a weather update late Saturday.

November Monthly Match 11/1

First remember the time change this weekend.

Looks like 5 true 3 gun stages.  High round count, so bring 150 rifle, 100 pistol and 100 shotgun which should cover you even with misses.

Link to registration on Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/corpus-christi-ccprc-november-monthly-match/register

Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club November monthly 3-Gun match.

Match Fee:
Club Members: $15
NON Members: $20
JUNIORS 18 & under: $15 (or $5 with paid adult).

3-Gun score upload $3.00

DISCOUNT: Free match fee for anyone who helps set up Saturday afternoon. Set up starts at 4:00 pm on Saturday 10/31

For questions and weather updates:
Please check websites for updates.




361-852-1212 or email ccprc@gtek.biz

3-Gun match, with the following divisions:

3-Gun match, with the following divisions:
Unlimited, Practical, Factory, Heavy Sport, Heavy Optics, 2 GUN

Round count is approximate:
100 pistol
150 rifle
100 shotgun

Also check back here for a weather update Saturday late or early Sunday.  The bays are all drying out nicely from this past weekends rain so we are dependent on the next front not hitting too hard.


Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle November monthly Match

Our match director James Gill is working up some challenging stages for the November match.   Looking at five true 3-Gun stages with high round count.   We are also looking at a guided practice session on Saturday afternoon for those interested in being “coached” by the former Marine Shooting Team coach using a couple of the stages that will be shot on Sunday.  James will walk shooters through the stage to provide guidance and feedback.

He has also received commitments for some additional product to be used for door prizes.  We will give everyone the details for the practice session, the cost of the session, what items we will have for door prizes and final details on the stages/round count next week.  We will also build the sign up on Practiscore next week, sign up for the guided practice session will be limited so early sign up is suggested.


Link to scores for 10/4 match

Here is the link to the scores for the 10/4 match.   For some reason it says 10/2 but it is the match we had on Sunday 10/4.  Had computer issues last night, otherwise would have been to you sooner.

Also want to thank all those that helped tear down stages as you finished.  That was great and really appreciated!!  Thank you!!




Pictures from the October 4, 2015 3-Gun match

DSC_4839Thanks for coming out.

DSC_4815 DSC_4820 DSC_4821 DSC_4823 DSC_4828 DSC_4834 DSC_4836 DSC_4840 DSC_4841 DSC_4843 DSC_4844 DSC_4845 DSC_4847 DSC_4849 DSC_4852 DSC_4855 DSC_4858 DSC_4863 DSC_4864 DSC_4865 DSC_4838

Pictures from 9-6-2015 match

Pictures including winner of the Barnes Precision machine complete upper.

DSC_4797 DSC_4799 DSC_4802 DSC_4807 DSC_4810

Corpus Christi CCPRC Sunday 10/4 3-Gun match update

Looks like the weather will be great for Sunday’s 3-Gun match.  The final round count looks like this;

Shotgun 30, Pistol 90 and Rifle 70 if you do not miss.  Stages feature a combination of targets that will be up close and out to 100 yrds.

Registration at 9:30 and hammer down at 10:00 am.

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