Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club March monthly 3-Gun match.

6 total stages (5 original plus a classifier)

Round count is approximate:

No steel birdshot, magnum pistol loads, steel core, green tip, armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary ammunition are allowed.

100 pistol

100 rifle

60 birdshot, 7 1/2 or smaller and 10-15 shotgun slugs

There may be stages that require additional pistol or rifle magazines and/or shotgun shell caddies.

Link to pre-registration.  Remember it saves us time Sunday morning if you pre-register.

James will also do one of his excellent 3-Gun coaching sessions using the stages that will be shot on Sunday as a basis for the training.  Coaching sessions are $80 for the 3-31/2 hour session.


Match Fee:

Club Members: $15

NON Members: $20

JUNIORS 18 & under: $15 (or $5 with paid adult).


3-Gun score upload $3.00


DISCOUNT: Free match fee for anyone who helps set up Saturday afternoon. Set up starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday 3/5


For questions and weather updates:

Please check websites for updates.

ccpistolandrifleclub on facebook

361-852-1212 or email


3-Gun match, with the following divisions:

Unlimited, Practical, Factory, Heavy Sport, Heavy Optics, 2 GUN, 2 gun with a rimfire firearm, 3 gun with one or more rimfire firearms



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